A timeless tale set against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields of 1920s Hawaii, “Running For Grace” is the story of Jo - an orphan of mixed race who transcends the boundaries of race and class in pursuit of true love. Fighting for his place in society and yearning to belong, Jo discovers his identity through the grace of adoption and the power of family.


Ryan Potter
" Jo "
Jim Caviezel
" Dr. Reyes "
Matt Dilon
" Doc "
Juliet Mills
" Grandmother "
Olivia Ritchie
" Grace "
Nick Boraine
" Danielson "
Stelio Savante
" Mayor "
Peyton Dilweg
" Helen Reyes "
Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.05.22 PM.png
Cole Takiue
" Young Jo "
Sara Naby Kim
" Miyu "
Derek Hall
" Charles Gray "
Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 9.25.44 PM.jpg
Jon Sakata
" Taki "
Rumi Oyama
" Miss Hanabusa "
Dann Seki
" Sota "
Shiro Kawai
" Koji "

Director David L. Cunningham

David L. Cunningham is an international filmmaker known for striking visuals, authentic performances and dynamic subject matters.

For more than two decades, Cunningham has directed big budget Studio films (Fox, Disney, ABC), experimental and pioneering independent features, as well as hard hitting documentaries. He is also an entrepreneur having founded more than a dozen companies in the creative industries including the award-winning content machine Global Virtual Studio (GVS). Cunningham is known for his social impact initiatives as the creator of several nation changing campaigns with focuses on indigenous rights, human trafficking and orphans with special needs.

Based out of Kona, Hawai'i, Cunningham founded Honua Studios in partnership with the County and State of Hawai'i. Honua Studios is the second largest studio in the State and includes the state's largest green screen stage, sound, post and VFX facilities. Honua Studios is also the main hub of Global Virtual Studio (GVS).

Global Virtual Studio is a content creation machine. Under Cunningham's leadership GVS develops and produces content for a variety of platforms from graphic novels to major feature films. GVS has key hubs in Kona, Honolulu and Los Angeles with a network of artists and facilities in 15 countries.