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Focus on the Family, Plugged In

“Running for Grace is an enjoyable and well-crafted film that not only offers families something they can watch together, but gives us several great messages along the way such as the power of adoption and how a mentor can play a huge role in shaping character.”

                                    - Bob Waliszewski, Plugged In Director, Focus on the Family

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Movie to Movement

“ A relevant story about identity and the power of adoption.”


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Movieguide - The Family Guide to Movies & Entertainment

“ A beautiful, redemptive portrait”

                   -Ted Baeher, The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment

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“ Through sweeping, majestic vistas and powerful scenes, Running for Grace delivers a sweet and beautiful story, rich with drama that gives us another chance for important, timely conversations.
We award the movie our Dove Approved 12+ Seal. ”

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Variety Film Review - Joe Leydon


“ Enjoyable tale of love and prejudice in 1920s Hawai’i...    Dillon is especially impressive...   Potter and Ritchie are attractive and engaging...   Spectacular Hawaiian scenery beautifully photographed…”

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Scenes Media EXCLUSIVE
Published: July 5, 2018

Acclaimed director David Cunningham gives SCENES the scoop on his Hawaiian themed romantic drama that also features rising stars Ryan Potter and Olivia Ritchie.

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Crosswalk - Jeffrey Huston

"Running For Grace is an unabashedly inspirational film of an underdog commoner pitted against entitled elites, and here are five key aspects that distinguish it."

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